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New Book by Anne M. Ronan, Esq.

January 27, 2014


Written in clear jargon-free English, by Anne M. Ronan, Esq., of this office, Legal Privacy Rights in New Jersey: A Guide for Non-Lawyers explains civil rights to help you protect yourself in this complicated society. If you know your legal rights, you can avoid unwanted encounters with the police and discourage overreaching government officials.  But legal rights generally are not taught in school, and they can be hard for a non-lawyer to research.

Written after this office obtained a decision from the New Jersey Supreme Court in Huber v. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, 213 N.J. 338 (2013), this  book can help you understand questions you may not  even know you have.  For example, did you know that if a government inspector comes to your house without a warrant, you could turn him away and even call the police? Or that if a driver who gets pulled over has the same rights as a pedestrian not to answer questions?

Legal Privacy Rights in New Jersey: A Guide for Non-Lawyers is the first easy reference that explains how and when the Federal and State Constitutions allow police and other government officials to physically intrude on you or search your things. This book tells you about the fundamental rights you have at home, in a car, on the street, in a public school or office, and in other common situations.  It provides enough information for a non-lawyer to read and make sense out of constitutional provisions and the legal cases that interpret them. And there are hundreds of references so you can delve into any particular topic. Available in hard copy or e-book form at or