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New Book in Real People's Guide Series by Anne M. Ronan, Esq.

January 28, 2014

NEW BOOK in Real People's Guide Series:

Written in clear jargon-free English, by Anne M. Ronan, Esq., Legal Privacy in New York: A Guide to Civil Rights for Non-Lawyers  is the second easy reference book in the Real People's Guide collection that explains how and when the Federal and State Constitutions allow police and other government officials to physically intrude on you or search your things.  New York has unique State laws to protect people from being approached on the street by the police. In other states, the police don't need much of a reason to approach someone as long as they don't actually use force and authority to "stop" them.  But in New York, the police need a good reason even just to ask you a question. This book also tells you about your rights at home, in a car,  in a public school or office, and in other common situations.  It provides enough information for a non-lawyer to read and make sense out of constitutional provisions and the legal cases that interpret them. And there are hundreds of references so you can delve into any particular topic. Available in e-book form at or hard copy release date to be announced.